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CHILDREN groups 

A mythical place, populated by tales and legends

As part of guided tours, we offer excursions of 1 to 2 hours depending on your availability : fun visit, themed visits, speleological visit (for this visit the children are equipped with helmets and headlamps), personalized visits according to your wishes .

Overview of a visit:

After an approach walk of about 1 kilometer that children can do in the little train, you enter in "the lair of the giants", and experience a real adventure.

Caving, mineralogy, geology, earth sciences and life are all exciting subjects to discuss here !

What traces did the men of the Bronze Age leave ? How did they live ?

You will also discover the multiple inscriptions on the walls : that of a king of France, mysterious letters.

You then cross the cathedral (our budding singers or musicians can take the opportunity to test the exceptional acoustics of the place).

Finally Lombrives is also tales and legends : Here is the tomb of Princess Pyrene built by Hercules, there, the passage of the brigands. Here again, may be the treasure of the Cathars ... children love it! Quiet ! We say nothing more, let the surprises come from the guide.

As you will understand, Lombrives is grandiose, friendly, fun, a little sporty and informative !

(possibility of equipping children with helmets and headlamps to explore an adjoining gallery)


Tour prices: € 7

free for accompanying persons (1 for 10 students) and the driver.

optional : the shuttle (small train) which takes you to the entrance of the cave : 1.5 €

(Otherwise you can do it on foot : 20 minutes walk on a path that climbs)

Caving visit with a qualified instructor :

Price according to group size


Important note for pupils and accompanying persons : You have to cover yourself ! (it's 12 ° in the cave) and put on good “hiking shoes” type shoes.

Looking forward to welcoming you.


The whole team is waiting for you!

Looking forward to welcoming you !

planning and organization contact: or +336.

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