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15 people in the cave during 40 days and 40 nights :
Scientific Expedition

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some visits are in english
please choose "lombrives cave tour in english" to see availability

Requires good physical shape, warm hiking outfit (10°  in the cave) and hiking shoes
(natural cave, uneven and sometimes slippery ground).

  The cave is located 1h from Toulouse, 1km from Tarascon-sur-Ariège, close to Ax-les-Thermes, on the RN20 (road to Andorra).

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next events :

-2h hours tours 

 -5 hours tour 14 january 2022 210 pm

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At the heart of the largest cave in Europe ...

Lombrives is one of the most visited sites in Ariège. After climbing the mountain on a small touristic train that will take you to the entrance of the cave (1.4 km on a hiking trail, possible on foot if you prefer), your guide will accompany you on a commented tour into "the lair of the giants". 

The fascinating Lombrives, where legends, protohistory and history have left their mark... Home for the Magdalenian, sepulchre for the Bronze Age men, sacred place for the Cathar, refuge for the Protestant, visited by kings, a hiding place for bandits... Lombrives has always fascinated Men, who left thousands of signatures and enigmatic symbols on the walls.

You will cross the Carène, walk along the geological fault and take the Passage of Crime. You are now in the grandiose Amphitheater: sacred cathedral, ideal for meditation but also for cultural events. After a long flight of stairs, the upper level opens onto the Gallery of the Great Cemetery. Then, you will walk through galleries adorned with curious concretions. And there you are, in front of the Tomb of princess Pyrene, which originated the Pyrenees according to Greek mythology. Further on, the Lake, with its mysterious undulations.

« When you enter LOMBRIVES, an ancient, surprising and powerful world opens up to you.
A break from the real world, a unique, moving, introspective experience...
Beyond what you can imagine. »

Catherine Blasco, in charge of Lombrives.

Guided hike 2h
open all year


After having crossed the bucolic valley up to the entrance porch of the cave (1,4km by foot or with our with our little train), a guide awaits you for a cultural, historical, contemplative and... a somewhat sporty tour!

Departures are from the ticket office of Lombrives, on the RN20 roadside (09400 USSAT-LES-BAINS). Whether you climb up on foot or with the train, the tour starts 20 minutes later at the entrance of the cave.

Most tours are in French, but some are in english . Please note that most of our guides speak English and will be able to make some translations or answer your questions. Do not forget to ask for a booklet in your language.

See the "Online tickets" link for all our departure times.

Conditions of access  :  

A protected site. 

Going up and down a large staircase with a bird's eye view of the Cathedral doesn't scare you?

Can you walk 2 km in the cool for two hours, on slightly steep natural ground  ?

Take a fairly steep hiking trail for 200 meters is within your reach? 

So whatever your age, wear your walking shoes and put on warm clothes, because LOMBRIVES is made for you! 

Babies carried in a ventral carrier only. Rent a babies carried :

Nice and clean dog kept on a tight leash accepted.

You can take picture in the cave

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Adult: 12€

Young 12-18 years old: 10€

Child 6-12 years old: 8€

-6 years old: free

Access to the cave: 1.4 km on foot (free) or with the little train (2€, only for the way up)

We accept EUROS, PYRÈNES (local currency), VISA,
new: 1/2 DAY guilded tour!
Did you follow Christian Clot's Deep Time scientific expedition with the 14 teammates confined in the cave? Equipped with a helmet and a headlamp, come and discover the places where they lived for 40 days and walk in the footsteps of other explorers of the last centuries. Intimate visit. Only a small number of you will be able to go to these protected galleries which are rarely open to the public.

The tour is in French. More info at +33(0) or
(copious Tasting of local products in the cave!!!)

Count on 1/2 day of activity


Single price: 38€ / person

The price includes:

- Rental of equipment (helmet and headlamp)

- The 1/2 day guided exploration

- The copious tasting

- And... some surprises...

Requires good physical shape, warm hiking outfit (10°  in the cave) and hiking shoes (natural cave, uneven and sometimes slippery ground)
For Adult or child over 12 years old
Little explorer hike, "in the footsteps..."
During WINTER SPRING AND summer holidays of 2022-2023 !!!


After having climed the bucolic valley to the porch of the cave, on foot or with our little train, a guide awaits you for a hike "in the footsteps of..."

Your children are equipped with a helmet and a headlamp. Come and visit a part rarely open to the public, discover the various traces of occupation of men from the Neolithic period, 14 000 years old animal bones, and many more surprises.

Become an explorer in a natural listed site for an afternoon! Thank you for accompanying your children.

This tour is particularly appropriate for children between 4 and 8 years old, but very interesting for adults too!


Departure from the ticket office of Lombrives, on the RN20 roadside (09400 USSAT-LES-BAINS)


The tour is in French. More info at +33(0)

See the "Online tickets" link for all our departure times

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petit train 2.jpg

Count on 2-3 hours of activity


Single price 12€ (adult or child)

The price includes:

- Ascencion and descent by little train

- Guided hike

- Rental of equipment (helmet and headlamp)

Thank you for accompanying your children.

Wear your  warm backpacker outfit (10° in the cave)
and your sports shoes!
To rent a banby carried ( for your safety, ventral baby carrier only allowed)

We accept EUROS, PYRÈNES (local currency), VISA
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