« When you enter LOMBRIVES, an ancient, surprising and powerful world is offered to us.
A parenthesis out of time, a unique experience, moving, introspective,
beyond what we can imagine. »

                                                                                                                                                    Catherine Blasco, in charge of Lombrives.

In the heart of the largest cave in Europe...

The fascinating Lombrives where legends, protohistory and history have left their traces ... After crisscrossing the mountain on a small tourist train (or on foot if you prefer), your guide will accompany you in "the lair of the giant".You will cross the Carène, walk along the fault and take the Passage of Crime.Then, you will be in the grandiose Amphitheatre: a sacred cathedral that is ideal for meditation but also for cultural events.After a long flight of stairs, the upper level opens onto the tunnel of the cemetery.You will then go through tunnels adorned with curious stalagmites.Here, you will be before the tomb of Princess Pyrene, originally from the Pyrenees, according to Greek mythology.Then further on you will see the lake with mysterious ripples.

The Shelters for the Magdalenians, the burial place for the Bronze Age people, sacred Cathar place, Protestant refuges, a hiding place for people.

 Lombrives has always fascinated humans who left thousands of signs and enigmatic symbols.

The cave is open sunday the 8 and 15 december: Departure time at 14.30 (without reservation) please arrive at 14.15 in from of the billeterie).

During Chrismas period the cave is open every Day (excepted the 25 of december and the 1first of january): departure time at  10.30 14.15 and 15.30 (no reservation)  and  visit specific for children  and during the night réservation) . The cave is 1km after Tarscon sur Ariege on the ROUTE NATIONAL 20 ( 20 minutes from Ax les Thermes and 1 hour from toulouse

Next  events in Lombrives !!

Do not forget to wear good shoes and warm clothes 13 degres into the cave

After parking at the pedestrian crossing of Route 20 at USSAT LES BAINS, you walk on the pedestrian crossing, walk along the old thermal baths and a few meters further you are in front of our cottages. With your ticket, after a small welcome coffe, you walk or you take our little train of about 1.4 kilometers . And here you are in front of the porch of LOMBRIVES. A guide guide you for a hike of 2 hours (which you can shorten to 1h if necessary).
apéro concert the 31 of december : close the year with an exceptional events!
special tour for children:

Thursday and Friday the 26 28 of decembre and the 2 and 3 of january  at 15: 00  :  Special tour for little explorers (children) (also during easter and summer period )

Duration : 1.30 . On reservation  "billet coupe file"

Equipped with helmets and head torches, you will walk in the footsteps left by our ancestors.You will discover a place rarely open to the public : you will discover the bones and different objects left by prehistoric people. For children and Adult.


Unique price : 8€.

Lombrives is a natural site. A classified site. Thereis not laid out, you walk on the natural flour. So do not forget to wear good shoes and  confortable and warm clothes (13 degres into the cave)


night hiking:

DURING CHRISMAS PERIOD every Thursday and Friday (the 28 and 29 of december 2019 and the 2 and 3 of january 2020
Night hiking into the cave during 2 hours :  in small committee. Intimate and relaxing visit. Departure from the box office at 17:30; Single price 12 €. On reservation: or online ticket


 The round trip distance is average 2.3 km and you have to add the access to the cave : 1.5km by foot or with the little train. Thanks to be there 15 minutes before the departure time

2-hour guided tour

Open every day excluding the 25 december and the 1st of january from the  21 of december to the 5 of january.

From 9 to 30 SEPTEMBER: 

10h30 14h30 15h30

FROMTHE FIRST TO THE 20 OCTOBER : Opening only saturday and sunday (excepted for group on reservation):

The 5 and  6 octobre 10:30 15:00

The 12 et 13 octobre 10:30 15h:00

lThe 19 et 20 octobre 10:30 15h:00


10:30 14:30 15:30

The 31 OCTOBER !!!!


NOVEMBER: Opening only saturday and sunday (excePted for group on reservation):the 9 10 16 17 23 24 and 30 NOVEMBER at 14.30


OPENING DAY : The 1 , 8 and 15 décembre."LES DIMANCHES DE DÉCEMBRE"A single visite at 14:30


Each monday :

10:30 14:15 15:30

Each Tuesday :

10:30 14;15  15:30 

Each Wednesday (closed the 25 of december and the 1st of january)

Each Thursday  10:30 14;15 15:00 (special visit for kinds on reservation) and 15:30 and 17.30

( visit by night on reservation)

Lombrives is a natural site. A classified site. There is not laid out, you walk on the natural flour. So do not forget to wear good shoes and  confortable and warm clothes (13 degres into the cave)

For futher information do not hesitated : catherine@grottedelombrives.com or call us +33649444500

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Grotte de Lombrives

Route Nationale 20 

09400 Ussat les Bains

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