2-hour guided tour

Open every day including public holidays departure 


 The round trip distance is average 2.3 km and you have to add the access to the cave : 1.5km by foot or with the little train. Departure every day (including Sunday or Day off)Thanks to be there 15 minutes before the departure time

From 9 to 30 SEPTEMBER: 

10h30 14h30 15h30

FROM THE FIRST TO THE 20 OCTOBER : Opening only saturday and sunday (excepted for group on reservation):

The 5 and  6 octobre 10:30 15:00

The 12 et 13 octobre 10:30 15h:00

lThe 19 et 20 octobre 10:30 15h:00


10:30 14:30 15:30

NOVEMBER: Opening only Saturday and Sunday (excepted for group on reservation):the 9 10 16 17 23 and 24 NOVEMBER

:                               14.30

The 31 OCTOBER !!!!



OPENING DAY : The 1 , 8 and 15 décembre."LES DIMANCHES DE DÉCEMBRE"A single visite at 14:30

FROM THE 21 DECEMBER TO THE 5 JANVIER : OPEN EVERY DAY.(excepted the 25/12/2019 and 01/01/2020

 Departure Time :  

Each monday :

10:30 14:15 15:30

Each Tuesday :

10:30 14;15 15:30 

Wednesdays closed (the 25/12 and the 01/01/2020)

Each Thursday  

Departure time 10:30 14;15 15:00 (special visit for kids on reservation) and 15:30  17:30 ( night hiking on reservation)

Each Friday : Dearture time 10:30 14:15  15:00 (special visit for kids on reservation) 15:30 and a special visit at 17:30 (night hiking on reservationà)

Lombrives is a classified and natural site. There is not laid out, you walk on the natural flour. So don't forget to wear good shoes and  confortable and warm clothes (13 degres into the cave)

After parking at the pedestrian crossing of Route 20 at USSAT LES BAINS, you walk on the pedestrian crossing, walk along the old thermal baths and a few meters further you are in front of our cottages. With your ticket, after a small welcome coffe, you walk or you take our little train of about 1.4 kilometers . And here you are in front of the porch of LOMBRIVES. A guide guide you for a hike of 2 hours (which you can shorten to 1h if necessary).

IMPORTANT : Wear warm clothes (13 ° in the cavity) and put on good shoes. Be good physical health :)

Dog on a tight leash . CB and checks  and cash .accepted

Take pictures  and camera is allowed

Info pratique/ horaires 

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LOMBRIVES , ceux qui en parlent le  mieux,

ce sont nos visiteurs…Mille mercis à vous!

Grotte de Lombrives

Route Nationale 20 

09400 Ussat les Bains

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