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The association Binaros, invites you to a fabulous show "Igaye" and by Yohann Villanua, with the musician Benjamin Bouyssou.

Bilingual creation (French-Occitan) mixing theater, poetry, music and songs.

Ode to a preserved nature, "Igaye" is the song (or the field) of the children of a village


Despite the concrete poured on their playground and the river,

despite the frenzy of the modern world ...

this enchanted place will gradually be reborn from its ashes,

during a drumming and interacting show with the audience.

With "Igaye", it is therefore "reinventing hope" (Yves Bonnefoy);

a more human and fraternal world, in harmony with nature and living beings.

And where the vowels, such as musical notes,

dance under the eyes, saying the happiness of being in the world.

"Igaye" is both a cry of revolt and a song of love.

A musical journey and a poetic tale.

An intense show, full of twists and surprises, that will leave no one indifferent!


Price: entry to the cave 5 euros / show: free participation

Walking shoes and warm clothes !!!

december 31, 2019
Apéro concert 

The mythical Eve : 

Aperitif concert on December 31 from 17h to 20h30 (on reservation on our site, information in

In partnership with the association the voice of the script LOMBRIVES offers you the inevitable aperitif concert of the evening the saint Sylvestre:

In the program:

+ Unusual visit

+ festive concert in the cathedral with exceptional acoustics

+ cocktail with glass of champagne

29.95 € / Adults 19 € / -18 years (on reservation)


Apéro concert le 31 décembre de 17h  à 20h30 (sur réservation sur notre site, renseignement au

Information or

booking on "oneline ticket"

Walking shoes and warm clothes (fyou sit on the natural floor so a small cushion will bring you greater comfort!

Many thanks to our visitor who made these beautiful illustrations during the evening of 31/12/2018 and which we have unfortunately lost track ..

to note :
Hike concert, every second Sunday of the month!


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